A novel approach to treat heart failure receives investment from Extend

A novel approach to treat heart failure receives investment from Extend

Humanitas scientists have designed a novel therapeutic approach to treat heart failure based on immuno-modulation. To further develop the technology, called HF-ImMod, Humanitas received investment from Extend, the third National Technology Transfer Hub launched by CDP Venture Capital SGR through its Technology Transfer Fund.

Heart failure is one of the main causes of mortality with over 23 million cases world-wide and still limited treatment options. Growing evidence shows that the disease is associated with inflammation, that plays a key role in its progression.

Leading the project will be Prof. Marinos Kallikourdis, Group Leader and Head of the Adaptive Immunity Lab, and Prof. Gianluigi Condorelli, Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine. The project aims to produce a novel and scalable therapeutic intervention for heart failure via a proprietary platform.

“We are thrilled to receive this major investment from EXTEND: thanks to their commitment we will be able to advance the development and preclinical testing of our innovative therapeutic approach, that leverages cutting-edge technologies and a novel understanding of heart failure. Our final goal is to offer new, more effective ways to address the medical need of millions of patients worldwide,” affirms Marinos Kallikourdis.

The result achieved was possible thanks to the commitment of the Humanitas Technology Transfer Office in fostering scientific excellence also through research development entrepreneurship. The project plan of activities has been designed and tailored to provide confirmation of the novel immunomodulation approach by the end of the year, the main milestone to be achieved to move the project towards pre-clinical studies.