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Not-for-profit, academic and independent
Applying a translational, bench to bedside, approach
With a commitment in training top-level graduate and PhD students

Humanitas Research Hospital is a highly-specialized research and university hospital, the first in Italy to be certified for its excellence by the Joint Commission International as Academic Hospital. It hosts the residency and PhD programs of Humanitas University, a life science university that stands out for its real-world simulation-based approach to medical training and its international outlook, and a state-of-the-art translational research center.

In two dedicated buildings, at 5 minutes’ walk from the hospital wards and at close proximity with Humanitas University teaching facilities, 10.000 square meters of high-tech laboratories host more than 400 passionate researchers – physician scientists, biologists, physicists, data scientists and technologists – that work with a common mission: advancing science to make a difference in patients’ life. Humanitas research is guided by unmet clinical needs and it leverages high-end technologies to dissect the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying human pathologies in fields ranging from cardiovascular medicine to neuroscience, from immunology to cancer and microbiology, with the final goal of developing new therapies and new diagnostic and prognostic strategies.

Our approach to science

We believe that understanding mechanisms that underlie normal biological processes is essential to understand how the same mechanisms are altered in disease. Improving cures requires understanding these mechanisms. 

We are committed to integrate basic, translational and clinical research, fostering strong collaborations between clinicians, physician scientists and wet-lab researchers, and partnering with world-renowned universities, research institutions and biotech companies.

We strive for the most advanced instruments and expertise available in fields ranging from genomics to flow cytometry, from microscopy to metabolomics and bio-printing, certain that only frontier technologies will enable us to do the best science.

Alberto Mantovani

Scientific Director
Group Leader

Scientific Director

Alberto Mantovani, MD, is the Scientific Director of Humanitas Research Hospital, President and Founder of Humanitas Research Foundation and Emeritus Professor of Pathology at Humanitas University, in Milan.

He has contributed to the advancement of knowledge in the field of immunology, formulating new paradigms and identifying new molecules and functions. He is recognized among his peers as a forerunner and a founding father of the renaissance of the inflammation-cancer connection, as proven by the broad impact of his scientific achievements: as of June 2023 he has over 162,000 citations and an H-index of 184 (Scopus), making him one of the top six immunologists worldwide.

The Humanitas Research Network

Humanitas University
Humanitas Research Hospital
Fondazione Humanitas Per La Ricerca
CNR Institute of Genetic and Biomedical Research
CNR Institute of Neuroscience

University of Milan
University of Parma
University of Brescia
University of Piemonte Orientale
University of Milano Bicocca

Research fundings

Our research is mainly supported by competitive grants assigned by national and international funding agencies, such as the European Commission, the Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian Ministry of University and Research, and by national and international charities.

Competitive fundings ensure that our Research pursues scientific excellence and is driven by the commitment to meet societal needs, but we also rely on private donations, raised by the Humanitas Foundation for Research.

Horizon2020 | Horizon Europe
Fondazione AIRC
Ministry of Health
Fondazione Cariplo
Ministry of Education, University and Research
Fondazione Telethon
European Research Council
Fondazione Veronesi

Scientific Advisory Board

Britta Engelhardt
Britta Engelhardt

University of Bern / Theodor Kocher Institute

Jules Hoffmann
Jules Hoffmann

Nobel Laureate
University of Strasbourg

Pietro De Camilli
Pietro De Camilli

Yale University / Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Ana-Maria Lennon
Ana-Maria Lennon

Istitut Curie / National Institute of Health and Medical Research

Federica Marelli-Berg
Federica Marelli-Berg

Queen Mary University of London

Göran Hansson
Göran Hansson

Karolinska Institutet

Wolf H. Fridman
Wolf H. Fridman

University of Paris / Cordeliers Research Centre

Eric Vivier
Eric Vivier

Aix Marseille University / Innate Pharma

Lorenzo Moretta
Lorenzo Moretta

Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù