CNP Research projects

ANTHEM is a multidisciplinary project aimed to cover the existing gap in healthcare of frail and chronic patients within specific target territories and high-incidence and therapy-orphan pathology-defined communities. ANTHEM will develop innovative sensors, digital-based advanced diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutics systems integrated with the latest methodologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence to improve territorial medicine approach for non-communicable diseases and rehabilitation.

The overall objective of the project is to establish and consolidate a nationwide open and sustainable Technology Transfer Office Network, which will connect, coordinate and align Network Partners and stakeholders as well offer world-class services in a synergistic valuable way. This will be done by exploiting and potentiating the one and only configuration of this Network, which combines together 55 centers with experimental, preclinical, clinical, developmental, regulatory and academic expertise.

The platform will promote the development of an ecosystem that will absorb validated advanced diagnostic approaches, favoring their uptake and commercial use in clinical setting. Our main objective is to make available a large number of phenotype biomarkers to organ damage and develop an integrated and advanced molecular and imaging-based platform, thus providing novel tools for prevention, early diagnosis and drug monitoring in human diseases, according to the principles of personalized and precision medicine.

Humanitas PNRR/PNC projects

Following an unprecedented crisis due to the pandemic, Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Italia Domani) responds to the urgent need of fostering a strong recovery and making Italy future ready. The plan is part of Next Generation EU, a € 750 billion package that the European Union negotiated in response to the pandemic crisis, and it is further enhanced and integrated by the Italian government Complementary National Plan.