Imaging External Services

Standard confocal acquisition€ 90,84€ 107,36
Advanced confocal acquisition 1€ 120,00€ 160,00
SMD; FLIM-based FRET; FCS€ 120,00€ 160,00
Widefield Microscopy for Live Cell Imaging€ 52,92€ 62,54
Virtual slide, digital pathology scanner (Brightfield)€ 59,96€ 70,86
Optical in vivo imaging 2€ 71,34€ 84,31
Clarity-based chemical organ clarification3€ 50,00€ 70,00
Image processing and Data Analysis€ 48,7€ 57,55
Laser Microdissection LMD€ 48,7€ 57,55
Hyperion multiplexed analysis4€ 70,00€ 87,5
1  STED-based super-resolution; FRAP; Intensity-based FRET; Resonant scanning
2 Fees related to animal maintenance are not included
Reagents included
4Reagents provided by user; service will include sample staining and acquisition; costs related to processing of images from Hyperion is indicated in “Imaging processing and analysis”.

Consultation and personalized packages

Consultation refers to any type of activity performed by the Unit of Advanced Optical Microscopy ranging from demos of the imaging platforms to training on sample preparation, acquisition, and analysis.

The personalized package refers to I) Long-term projects covered by a service contract agreement signed by our Innovation Office; II) Projects including specific/different sample preparations and/or advanced acquisition modalities and/or analyses, as well as involving animal costs (e.g. in vivo imaging).