Multiphoton Lavision Trimscope FLIM

Multiphoton Lavision Trimscope FLIM

Routine Objectives

20x/NA 1.0 water WD 2mm

60x/NA 1.1 water with WD collar


Ultrafast femtosecond Coherent Chameleon Ultra II laser, tunable in range 690-1080nm. Output laser power 3.8W.


2 standard PMTs

1 high sensitivity (GaAsP) PMT

Intravital imaging equipment

System is equipped with a special stage for intravital microscopy that allows precise movements while still having a very wide height range. This guarantees adaptability to any kind of sample from slides to small animals.

Some supports for intravital microscopy are available, such as for skin, colon and intestine, popliteal lymph node and pow models. We can design custom supports, please get in contact with us for further details.

FLIM detector

FLIM x16 detector is a very fast detector for lifetime imaging in TCSPC (time-domain) mode. This module is ideal for FRET experiments on live or fixated cells and is suitable for studying microenvironment-dependent dyes for pH and ions concentrations.

Photostimulation and fast imaging equipment

An EOM controller can control laser power with very fast microseconds timings. In this way a single laser can be used to do imaging and photostimulation at the same time. This module is ideal for intravital FRAP, FLIP, photoactivation and two-photon uncaging. Thanks to the high power of the laser, this module can also be used to induce sterile wounds in tissues.