Widefield CellR live cell imaging

Widefield CellR live cell imaging
Routine Objectives

4x/NA 0.13 air
10x/NA 0.3 air
20x/NA 0.5 air
40x/NA 0.6 air with WD correction collar

Extra Objectives

Special objectives can be mounted on request
2x/NA 0.06 air
40x/NA 1.35 oil
60x/NA 1.42 oil
100x/NA 1.40 oil


350 Fura – Excitation at 350nm for ratiometric Fura dye
380 Fura – Excitation at 380nm for ratiometric Fura dye
DAPI (long pass UV/blue filter)
GFP High Quality Filter
RFP – center excitation wavelength 556
TxRed – center excitation wavelength 585
CY5 – center excitation wavelength 650

Brightfield acquisitions can be obtained with phase constrast condensers (Ph1, Ph2) or DIC module.

Additional techniques

The system is ideal for high quality widefield time-lapse microscopy. CellR provides a state-of-the-art incubator, a fast filter wheel and a very reliable software-independent acquisition controller. Besides multicolor fluorescence acquisitions, you can define multiple positions (on same dish or in a multiwell plate) and Z-stacks.

It also provides a module for 3×3 or 5×5 mosaic reconstructions and a deconvolution module (on 2D Analysis workstation).