Alejandra Carriles


Alejandra Carriles

Project manager

Alejandra Carriles graduated in Biotechnology in 2014 and achieved her PhD in 2019 at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), acquiring expertise in medical structural biology and computational genomics.

October 2013-June 2014 – She performed her MSc. internship in the Department ofStructural Enzymopathology at the Institute of Biomedicine of Valencia, where she was researched structurally relevant mutations in CPSI deficiency (rare inherited disease) and their role in hyperammonemia.

September 2014-October 2019 – She completed the Biotechnology PhD program of the Polytechnic University of Valencia at the Institute of Physical-Chemistry “Rocasolano” (Madrid, Spain), focusing on structural biomedicine for the characterization of the structural basis in protein-drug recognition and their rational design in different human diseases, using different biophysical techniques and X-ray diffraction at ALBA, ESRF and Diamond synchrotron facilities. The Spanish Ministry of Education scholarship received to carry out her PhD supported teaching experiences and tutoring during this period at the enrolled university.  

May 2018-August 2018 – She collaborated in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Infection Biology at the Centre for Functional Genomics of Microbes (Greifswald, Germany) for the characterization of the interaction between choline binding proteins and S. pneumonia cell wall, aiming for novel antibiotic development targeting antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

November 2019-May 2023 As a postdoctoral researcher, she focused on the study of the structural basis of B-cell receptor-mediated cell-autonomous signaling in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia patients using structural and molecular biology and biophysical techniques for lead identification in the Biocrystallography Unit at San Raffaele Hospital (Milan, Italy).

April 2023-July 2023 – She studied for a Master in Pharma Medical Affairs which enlightened her on regulatory affairs, clinical studies and pharmaceutical management.

June 2023-current – Currently, she works as a Project Manager in the Gastrointestinal Immunopathology Unit at Humanitas Research Hospital for the H2020 ImmUniverse Consortium (IMI2) focused on the identification of novel biomarkers for Ulcerative Colitis. She is dedicated to medical and grant writing, liaising with key partners and the management of ongoing projects, clinical studies and reporting.