Chiara Mazzola


Chiara Mazzola

Postdoc fellow

Dr. Chiara Mazzola earned her MS in Biology applied to the Biomedical Research at the University of Milan in 2017. Her master thesis was focused on the implementation of the inhibition of Intracellular Chloride Channel 1 (CLIC1)-mediated current as a possible strategy to modulate the proliferation of different types of solid tumours under the supervision of Prof. Michele Mazzanti. In 2018 she got a post-graduated Fellowship at Institute for Biomedicine, Neurobiology Department, EURAC Research in Bolzano where she characterized two heterozygous missense variants in the szt2 gene involved in neurological disorders.

In 2022, Dr. Mazzola got her PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Padua in Prof. Rosario Rizzuto’s laboratory where she focused her study on the mitochondrial calcium dynamics in astrocytes in physiological conditions and its possible coupling with metabolism.

In 2023 she joined the laboratory of Prof. Michela Matteoli at the Humanitas Research Hospital, where she is currently working on the role of microglia as a potential regulator of hypothalamic metabolism.