Diletta Di Mitri


Diletta Di Mitri

Junior Group Leader

Diletta Di Mitri is junior group leader at Humanitas Research Hospital, in Milan, where she leads the Tumor Microenvironment Lab, and assistant professor at Humanitas University.

After a Master Degree in Medical Biotechnology at the University of Bologna, Italy, Di Mitri obtained her PhD in Neuroimmunology from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, in 2008, joining the Neuroimmunology Lab of Santa Lucia Foundation, in Rome. She then moved to the Division of Infection and Immunity of the University College London (UCL) and to the Molecular Oncology Unit of Institute of Oncology Research in Bellinzona, Switzerland, where she remained 5 years, studying cellular senescence in cancer under the supervision of Prof. Andrea Alimonti.

She moved back to Italy to start her own laboratory as junior group leader at Humanitas Research Hospital in 2017, focused on profiling the immune system composition and dissecting immune cells dynamics in cancer patients, by mean of single-cell based technologies.

Di Mitri’s research is focused on the profiling of immune system composition and immune cell dynamics in cancer patients by mean of single-cell based technologies and it is funded by the European Union, the Italian Association for Cancer Research (Fondazione AIRC) and the Italian Ministry of Health.