Federica Portale


Federica Portale

Postdoc fellow

Federica Portale received her Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnologies and Molecular Medicine at the University of Milan discussing a thesis on the mechanisms underlying the differentiation of human T memory stem cells.

In 2014, she moved to the University of Milan-Bicocca and she obtained her PhD in Molecular and Translational Medicine. Her research project, performed at the M. Tettamanti Research Center, was focused on the study of the crosstalk between mesenchymal stromal cells and leukemic blasts within the leukemic bone marrow niche.

Thereafter, in 2019 she moved to Humanitas Research Hospital, where she joined the Tumor Microenvironment Lab. To date, as a postdoctoral fellow, she is leading a project aimed at dissecting the role of NK cells within the prostate tumor microenvironment.