Lorena Passoni


Lorena Passoni

Postdoc fellow

Dr. Lorena Passoni is a research scientist with a broad experience in many diverse fields. Lorena graduated as a Veterinary Medical Doctor at the University of Milan where she also obtained her Ph.D. She pursued a four-year postdoctoral training in basic immunology at Yale University (USA) where she published seminal studies on thymic T lymphocyte development.

She returned to Italy to join the Italian National Cancer Institute (INT, Milan), where she began studying tumor immunology, particularly cancer vaccines. Following the collaboration with the Pediatric Oncology Unit at INT, she developed a fascination with neuro-oncology, emphasizing novel alternative therapeutic strategies for neuroblastoma. More recently, she joined the Humanitas Research Hospital (Milan) where she established translational and nanotechnology research programs for brain tumors.

She has authorships in more than 50 publications in international journals. She is a member of the Scientific Board of Fondazione Umberto Veronesi.