Margherita Fini


Margherita Fini


Margherita received her bachelor degree in Biotechnological Research in Medicine in March 2021 at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University. In December 2023, she got her master degree, graduating with honors in Medical, Veterinary, and Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies at University of Parma.

During her thesis internship, Margherita worked in the Cell Biology of the Synapse laboratory led by Dr. Matteo Fossati. She investigated the role of a post-translational modification, called SUMOylation, in the pathogenesis of Angelman syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder of genetic origin that is characterised by delayed development, intellectual disability, speech impairment and problems with movement and balance.

After her graduation, Margherita obtained a research fellowship, and she is now analysing the role of the early secretory pathway in synapse development and function.