Maria Lucia Schiavone


Maria Lucia Schiavone

Postdoc Fellow

Maria Lucia Schiavone obtained her Master Degree in Chemistry and pharmaceutical Technologies at the University of Siena in 2015 after a period as visiting scientific intern at trinity college of Dublin , biochemistry department. Maria Lucia received her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology at University of Siena in 2020 . During her PhD she started to work on in-vitro model of Alkaptonuria with a particular focus on bone cells and pathway in particular Wnt signaling and oxidative stress.

She also spent the last year of her PhD At North Carolina State University as visiting Scientist investigating the relationship between oxidative stress and bone impairment in Alkaptonuria. As a PostDoc at Milano Humanitas Research Hospital, she is continuing her work on bone, expanding her interest on mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) and investigating the hidden role of RANKL in osteogenesis.

Maria Lucia also contributed in side projects investigating the relations between bone and pathogens. Currently she is principle collaborator for a project that aim to clarify the relationship between the enzyme DPP3 and diabetic osteopathy.