Maria Luisa Malosio


Maria Luisa Malosio

CNR Senior Researcher

Maria Luisa Malosio is a cellular and molecular biologist who has developed over the years a strong interest in translational research. To her background belong experiences in neuropharmacology, molecular and cellular biology of topics related to neurosciences, neurosecretion and diabetes.

Born in Milano, Italy, where she obtained her Master in Science, Malosio got a PhD in Life Sciences at the ZMBH Institute of the University of Heidelberg (Germany). Back in Italy she first worked at the Medical Pharmacology Institute obtaining a Research Doctorate in Pharmacology and Toxicology, later as a post-doctoral fellow at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute. She was visiting scientist at the Glaxo-Wellcome Medicines Research Center (Stevenage, UK). Back to the San Raffaele Scientific Institute she worked as a Telethon post-doctoral grantee contributing to the elucidation of the molecular and cellular mechanisms governing the neurosecretory phenotype, e.g. the ability, common to neurons and neuroendocrine cells, to release neurotrasmitters and hormones “on-demand”. Later she became project leader within the San Raffaele Diabetes Research Institute developing an interest in aptamers as novel tools for molecular imaging of beta cells. To her past experience belong preclinical and clinical imaging studies by MRI.

One of the current interests within the Neuro Center of Humanitas is a clinical research project aiming at combining biohumoral observations, functional neuroimaging and rehabilitation parameters on stroke patients in order to identify multiparametric biomarkers correlating with stroke prognosis.