Samuel Pineda


Samuel Pineda

PhD student

Samuel graduated in Medical, Pharmaceutic and Veterinary Biotechnology in April 2020 at University of Parma.

From February 2019 to April 2020 – He made a traineeship in the Signal Transduction in Cardiac Pathologies Laboratory at the Humanitas Research Hospital  developing and characterizing a new nano-based formulation to deliver novel drugs for treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

2021- to current – As a PhD student at Humanitas University in Molecular Experimental Medicine, he is involved in the H2020 ImmUniverse project for the evaluation and optimisation of Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Stimulation (LIPUS)-enabled gut liquid biopsy for Ulcerative Colitis. His research project is focused on the i) mechanisms through which LIPUS induces mucosal bioeffects and ii) characterization and analysis in-vitro and in-vivo preclinical models of colitis of extracellular vesicles as new potential biomarkers for Ulcerative Colitis.